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The Royal Coach team values the importance of efficiency . We offer a variety of services all within the realm of personal concierge. Whether it's the big wedding day, office meeting, family or corporate hectic month, the Royal Coach team is there to lighten the process. Our extensive vendor list with our on-the-go drivers who carry years of experience, bring you the best at your fingertips. Set up your account with us and utilize our 1-number 1-email contact method so when needed we'll always be one click away.


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We welcome all opportunities, large or small. All of our business is by accounts and membership only.

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Motty and Eli are the real deal. Their logistics is rock solid and their amazing team is a breeze to work with.

Our relationship with Royal Coach is far more than just professional. They truly understand our needs and over the years have become our right hand man.

I was amazed by the knowledge, components and vendors the Royal Coach team carries. They truly make my projects as easy as one two three.
— Abe, Flatbush NY

About Us

hi my name is motty

Motty and Eli Royal Coach

My favorite thing about this job is helping people lighten their workload daily. I believe in connecting , in a way that truly gives me a chance to understand our clients needs.

hi my name eli

My favorite thing about this job is being on the road. I believe in networking and extending my knowledge to accommodate every client day and night.